The Light for Life Solution


To reach out to millions of people who cannot afford access to electricity, our team is working on an affordable innovation to bring free, clean, sustainable power to light up their homes for a lifetime. Powered by daylight, the device can provide 24/7 lighting, fan as well as a station for recharging mobile phones.

The device has been assembled with local materials readily available, and has been tested for six months with encouraging results. The device requires no maintenance, is easy to install and has zero running costs. The team is working to develop the product within an affordable total price tag of $80 per unit.

Projected Plans

Our technical team has successfully tested the robustness of the design and the ease of installation. As part of our pilot program, we plan to install this in 200 households globally.


Glamour Magazine, L'Oreal, Philips and The Resolution Project will be working closely with us to make this project a reality in the coming months. We are looking for potential partners, sponsors and investors who would like to further support our initiative. We are willing to share more details, including our technology, business plans and roll out plans if needed. 

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