Promoting clean energy, fostering education, fighting poverty.

Our Mission

Brighter Today hopes to use eco-friendly bulbs and solar technology as a tool to alleviate poverty in developing nations.


The 60-Watt Incandescent Bulb:

  • Costs $0.20 to purchase
  • Lasts 2 months
  • Energy inefficient

The 11-Watt CFL Bulb:

  • Costs $2 to purchase
  • Lasts 3 to 4 years
  • Up to 80% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Reduces electric bill payments by 80%

Savings from the conversion of incandescent to CFL bulbs can go towards food, education and healthcare, improving quality of life and combating poverty.

No Electricity?

The Kerosene Lamp:

  • Cost $0.50/litre to purchase
  • Burning an average of four hours/day emits over 100kg of CO2/year

The Solar LED Bulb:

  • Cost $20 to make
  • Replace LED bulb after 12 years
  • No running cost

Replacing kerosene lamps with the solar LED bulbs will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions emitted, and create a more environmentally and economically friendly environment, ultimately increasing productivity and improving standard of living.

Expansion: Glamour MAgazine

Upon winning  the title of Top 10 College Women Contest in the US by Glamour Magazine, we were awarded the grand prize to expand our project globally. We hope to use the funds and partnerships with this award to expand our work: bring CFL bulbs, solar LED bulbs and our latest Light for Life Solution to innumerable homes.