Mansi Prakash, Founder

Mansi is majoring in Economics with a minor in Mathematics and Public Policy & Management at New York University. She has a passion for international development, traveling and photography. 

Born in India and growing up in Bangladesh and the Philippines, she has been exposed to the hardships that come with living in impoverished areas, developed an appreciation for diversity and found a passion to take initiative to help others. She aspires to address some of the world’s most pressing issues, make an impact in the lives of those who were not afforded the same opportunities and resources and help enact change in the world.  


Manav is a sophomore in high school at British School Manila. He has an avid interest in computer science, technology and business. He has designed cost-effective solutions for accessing and sharing knowledge, weather forecasting, home automation and entertainment.

Growing up in the Philippines, he has a passion to use technology and find innovative solutions to day-to-day challenges faced by the less privileged.