A tested and refined model to ensure the process of lighting up villages and alleviating poverty is smooth and sustainable.

Train Leaders: Education Workshops

Choose and train willing village elders who are fond of the initiative to carry out education workshops, facilitate issues that come about, ensure the sustainability of the project as well as educate the households about proper CFL management and disposal.

Initial Surveys and Interviews

Select households, and carry out initial surveys and interviews respectively. This will serve as the basis of quantitative and qualitative data: collecting data on standings before implementation of CFL bulbs. This will include questions such as number of bulbs, number of hours bulbs used, number of children, number of children educated, and expenditure on food, education, health care, clothing. 

Distribute CFL Bulbs

Thanks to partnership with Philips, eco-friendly CFL bulbs will be distributed to the chosen households. Alongside the CFL bulbs, a safety guide on properly disposing of CFL bulbs and a standard survey for each household will be allocated: this will be filled out on a monthly basis.

Monthly Workshops, Surveys and Interviews

While the biannual workshops are mandatory, the monthly workshops are optional:  this will facilitate any issues or questions that come up with the process as well as provide insight into proper disposal of the CFL bulbs. A compulsory standard survey will be filled out on a monthly basis to indicate the progressive change by swapping from an incandescent to CFL bulb. Interviews will be carried out nearing to one year and post-one year of the implementation of the CFL bulbs, to serve as qualitative feedback and data.

Data Evaluation

The qualitative and quantitative feedback and data will be evaluated to ensure intended effects are being reached, and propose any changes needed for future projects. This will also allow comparison of initial data when using incandescent bulbs with data after swapping to CFL bulbs.

Demonstration and Multiplier Effect

After the households implement and observe the effects of the CFL bulb, word spreads and creates a larger social impact through a multiplier effect on other households as well as neighbouring villages.